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ZIMBABWE: A familiar fear – one intervention at a time, likely the norm in HIV prevention

Many critics of the African circumcision trials drew the obvious conclusion that a push for male circumcision in Africa and elsewhere would result in a corresponding drop in condom use. In a partially useful risk reduction intervention, such a result … Continue reading

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Talbott’s Theory Gets Reinforcements

Or Talbott’s Research Grows Legs … Halperin, Gray, Bailey and Auvert (have I missed anyone?) may scoff, but Zimbabwe shows the signs of Talbott’s theory [html, pdf]  in action albeit imposed by forces outside of Western aid agencies. Zimbabwe has … Continue reading

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Zimbabwe in meltdown

As far as I know Zimbabwe has not embraced male circumcision or the findings of the WHO and UNAIDS on the procedure to prevent reduce the risk of HIV/AIDS infection. If events in that country continue along the current path, … Continue reading

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