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SWAZILAND: Circumcision campaign backfires

The Swazi Observer reports that a campaign to encourage male circumcision by motivating women to berate and ridicule encourage men to do it has backfired. The intent was to get these women involved with the process … New male circumcision … Continue reading

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TWO STUDIES, SAME STORY: Neither women nor men who have sex with men receive benefit from male circumcision

First up is yet another study looking for HIV risk reduction from male circumcision in men who have sex with men. Once again, no such benefit was forthcoming. The relevant language from the abstract: Among men who reported unprotected insertive … Continue reading

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AFRICA: Why did Wawer et al. stop the study examining HIV infection among sero-discordant female partners of circumcised men?

A nagging concern has arisen in the wake of a recently published study [PDF] examining HIV infection rates in female partners of HIV-positive, circumcised men. The study, authored by Wawer et al., was stopped early, reportedly due to “futility.” However, valuable information may … Continue reading

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Male circumcision gives women the shaft one more time

Women are dying of AIDS while some researcher bends over his penis, smiles at it fondly, and imagines what little alteration would make it an all-purpose tool safe to use again. Kelly Jean Cogswell reminds us that women need protection … Continue reading

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AFRICA: Male circumcision makes women more vulnerable to HIV

A recent study has shown a 50% increase in HIV infection in the female partners of the recently circumcised. This preliminary data seemed to catch researchers back on their heels as they rushed to assure the world that circumcision is … Continue reading

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