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AFRICA: Why did Wawer et al. stop the study examining HIV infection among sero-discordant female partners of circumcised men?

A nagging concern has arisen in the wake of a recently published study [PDF] examining HIV infection rates in female partners of HIV-positive, circumcised men. The study, authored by Wawer et al., was stopped early, reportedly due to “futility.” However, valuable information may … Continue reading

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CROI 2008: “Surprising” research results at AIDS conference

Despite the disappointment that male circumcision seemed to offer no protection to female partners of HIV-infected men, [Maria] Wawer stressed that the procedure will probably still benefit women because if fewer men are infected, they are less likely to pass … Continue reading

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Aidsmap | CROI: Circumcising HIV positive men increases HIV infections in women, barely decreases STIs (revised post)

Aidsmap is reporting this morning that HIV infection was higher in female partners of HIV+ men who were circumcised than in men who remained intact as observed over a two year period. The study was presented at the Fifteenth Conference … Continue reading

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