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COLLEGE HUMOR: The real reason you’re CIRCUMCISED!

Link: http://www.collegehumor.com/

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NHPC 2009: Physicians woefully ignorant of the foreskin, slightly more ignorant of the belief circumcision “prevents” AIDS

[This is a republished post. I do not know why there is no reference for this report or link to a source. It is highly likely that the percentages cited below have changed. NHPC refers to the National HIV Prevention … Continue reading

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Study finds no protective effect in gay men from circumcision, so why are the authors still promoting it?

The stock response in the last two decades to the realization that circumcision has little to no value in public health and can be demonstrated to harm newborn males as well as adult sexuality has been to repeat old saws … Continue reading

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“We have no idea, so why not?” conclude researchers -or- On being undeterred by inconclusive evidence

Continuing in the vein of biased research in the service of furthering American circumcision, researchers have published an article in PLoS Medicine targeting black  and Hispanic men. [I’ve touched upon this article before. However, Aidsmap and the US Centers for … Continue reading

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