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IAS 2011: Encounters with circumcision advocates/program directors

On the second day of the International AIDS Society Conference in Rome, we talked to two people in important positions. The two circumcision advocates/program coordinators offered a despairing glimpse into the future on the one hand and offered us hope … Continue reading

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NOTEBOOK: Influencing the Discussion on Male Circumcision and HIV

In order to effectively slow down the roll-out of male circumcision, it will be necessary to determine a set of crucial points of discussion. The damage that male circumcision causes is gaining a wider audience [see posts from 4/30, 5/2, … Continue reading

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UNAIDS and WHO get into the circumcision business

Where to begin with this one? The breathlessness is reminiscent of the hysteria surrounding masturbation that caused the circumcision panic in the United States in the late 19th century. Even before making the case, the WHO and UNAIDS spokespersons have … Continue reading

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NOTEBOOK: The majors convene this week in Europe to debate the meaning of the circumcision studies

March 6-8 will see a major convention of the world HIV/AIDS organizations to debate the meaning of circumcision. I found the issues outlined in the next page to be particularly compelling. Click through to have a look. Reader comments would … Continue reading

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