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IRIN PlusNews: Stupid Talk with Stephen “Orgy of Male Bonding” Lewis

Five minutes online and you will discover that there is a very vocal opposition to infant male circumcision for profoundly important ethical and practical reasons. While Canadian Stephen “Orgy of Male Bonding” Lewis may not like it, he can hardly … Continue reading

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UNAIDS and WHO get into the circumcision business

Where to begin with this one? The breathlessness is reminiscent of the hysteria surrounding masturbation that caused the circumcision panic in the United States in the late 19th century. Even before making the case, the WHO and UNAIDS spokespersons have … Continue reading

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AFRICA: Male circumcision makes women more vulnerable to HIV

A recent study has shown a 50% increase in HIV infection in the female partners of the recently circumcised. This preliminary data seemed to catch researchers back on their heels as they rushed to assure the world that circumcision is … Continue reading

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