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SOUTH AFRICA: Are circumcised men safer sex partners?

Turns out the answer is no. A new study published August 1, 2018 in PLoS One suggests that medically circumcised men over 40 carry higher rates of HIV than intact men or men circumcised as part of an initiation ritual … Continue reading

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IAS 2009: The perils of success: what if the new HIV prevention methods work?

At the International AIDS Society Conference in July, a session was devoted to preparing for success in the PrEP and microbicide trials. One talking head had this to say on getting people to buy into and utilize prevention approaches that … Continue reading

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DEBATE: Should South Africa pursue a mass circumcision drive?

“Opt out” of circumcision at birth? Who exactly is doing the opting? “Thirty years from now we’ll be so glad we did it.” Who will be glad? The government? Surely not the individual who loses his foreskin and still becomes … Continue reading

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In the NYTimes: A Mild Letter to the Editor

A very mild caution in a letter to the editor of the New York Times, above the fold. Circumcision and AIDS To the Editor: Re “W.H.O. Urges Circumcision to Reduce Spread of AIDS” (news article, March 29): Male circumcision may … Continue reading

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AFRICA: Dangerous myths and speculation perculate in the press

American parents have for years carried on circumcising their infant boys after the major medical organizations had come out against the routine practice in an ambiguous sort of way. In other words, the medical groups punted. Leave it to the … Continue reading

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