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GUY DESORMEAUX: Suffering the Damage of Circumcision to Stop the Scourge of AIDS is a False Choice

[This blog welcomes guest bloggers and would like to hear from individuals who question the view that circumcision has a place in HIV/AIDS prophylaxis. Today Guy Desormeaux provides insight into his discussion with a close friend after the release of … Continue reading

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SAN FRANCISCO BAY TIMES: Dr. Fallon responds to my critique

I would like to thank Dr. Fallon, whose article in the San Francisco Bay Times was critiqued in an earlier post, for responding. This is his response. Good morning: I just found your counterpoint to my column in San Francisco … Continue reading

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NEW SCIENTIST: Foreskin unfairly pushed aside

This one isn’t strictly circumcision and HIV related, but is important as the article below notes. Sometimes a study comes along that makes you wonder whether the entire intent was to reassure people for whom it’s too late. Take a … Continue reading

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NYT: Can’t tell apples from oranges

It is a sacred tenet of the anti-circumcision movement that each person should be left to define himself and his experience without interference — whether in sex or identity or any other area of life. In fact, it is the … Continue reading

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