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Thinking Aloud about the Bay Area Intactivists

In the kaleidiscope of pro-intact, anti-circumcision activism, or intactivism, the opportunities to influence the debate, the community and the parents of the children we are trying to protect are varied and straightforward. However, there can be perils, too. Whenever one … Continue reading

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Judge Giorgi removes SF MGM Bill from San Francisco ballot [updated with video]

Judge Loretta Giorgi of the Superior Court in San Francisco ruled against the SFMGMBill.org ballot initiative as was expected from her tentative ruling the day before. In addition, she ruled that the Doctors Opposing Circumcision Amicus Curiae brief was untimely … Continue reading

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At SF PRIDE 2011: Intact and Jewish

There is still more to come on the IAS 2011 conference in Rome. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, the video below was captured at the San Francisco Pride Festival this year. This one goes from an Auschwitz survivor angrily turning over the … Continue reading

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THE ECONOMIST: Against the Cut, The intactivist movement takes on the oldest surgery known to man

Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that a magazine with its origins in Britain, a largely intact country, would take a sober and objective look at the San Francisco circumcision ballot measure. The Economist correctly concludes, “Whatever the fate of his proposed … Continue reading

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SAN FRANCISCO BAY TIMES: Dr. Stephen J. Fallon misinforms the gay community

It’s rather curious that even the experts are confused about the implications of the three African studies being used to build a case for male circumcision. The San Francisco Bay Times recently published an “analysis” piece by Stephen J. Fallon, … Continue reading

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