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UGANDA: New HIV/Aids Messages [re male circumcision] Worsening HIV Situation

Objective minds predicted this outcome long before any on-the-ground examination was carried out. The reality is male circumcision is making things worse. New HIV/Aids Messages Worsening HIV Situation A new report by PANOS Eastern Africa [dead link] has shown that new … Continue reading

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Study finds no protective effect in gay men from circumcision, so why are the authors still promoting it?

The stock response in the last two decades to the realization that circumcision has little to no value in public health and can be demonstrated to harm newborn males as well as adult sexuality has been to repeat old saws … Continue reading

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Good news about HIV in India: Who benefits? Who loses?

What if it turned out that the AIDS epidemic was not as bad as previously thought? What would be the appropriate reaction? What if your interest in the HIV/AIDS epidemic was in some discovery that you believed would reduce the … Continue reading

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Belarus rejects circumcision in HIV fight

I don’t normally like to tread ground already covered elsewhere. However, I think it bears noting and repeating that Belarus last month rejected circumcision. You can read about it here. It is a bit of a mystery to me why some … Continue reading

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DEBATE: Should South Africa pursue a mass circumcision drive?

“Opt out” of circumcision at birth? Who exactly is doing the opting? “Thirty years from now we’ll be so glad we did it.” Who will be glad? The government? Surely not the individual who loses his foreskin and still becomes … Continue reading

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