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CANADA: Vancouver Pride Society refuses to allow intactivists to march in parade

The Vancouver Pride Society has withdrawn its permission to allow intactivists to occupy a slot in this year’s parade. At the official unveiling of a city resolution in recognition of the Pride celebration, intactivists showed up to demonstrate and demand … Continue reading

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ONE MAD MAN: Bay Area Intactivists hit a deep and emotional nerve at San Francisco Pride

In the six years I have joined the Bay Area Intactivists participating in the San Francisco Pride parade, the worst reaction to our presence I have ever seen along the parade route was subdued disapproval. Never shouting. No name-calling. Certainly … Continue reading

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SANTA CRUZ PRIDE: First Amendment Free Zone?

The Bay Area Intactivists marched in the Santa Cruz Pride Parade today and found themselves immediately embroiled in controversy for taking pictures of one of their members innocuously holding a protest sign in front of a group representing the American … Continue reading

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At SF PRIDE 2011: Intact and Jewish

There is still more to come on the IAS 2011 conference in Rome. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, the video below was captured at the San Francisco Pride Festival this year. This one goes from an Auschwitz survivor angrily turning over the … Continue reading

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