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Council on Foreign Relations Takes Up Male Circumcision and HIV

It’s not often two areas of great interest to me come together. It happened on May 7, 2007, when the Council on Foreign Relations took up the issue of male circumcision and HIV. The Council presented a program entitled, “Is Male … Continue reading

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FIELD REPORT: NYC Community Discussion on Male Circumcision and HIV Prevention

[I received this report on May 3 from Adrienne Soti, who attended A Community Discussion of Male Circumcision and HIV Prevention with a number of other individuals in New York City on April 26, 2007. Her full report follows after … Continue reading

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NYTimes: Mayor Bloomerg gives voice to caution

Apparently, New York City’s Health Commissioner caught Mayor Bloomberg off guard with his announcement to begin pushing circumcision. The mayor may be sensing the trouble Friedan got him into the last time circumcision reared its ugly head. See last post. … Continue reading

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NOTEBOOK: Oh, that Dr. Friedan!

It turns out the same Dr. Friedan who has come out with the bright idea to promote circumcision among gay men, without evidence – even marginal or bad evidence – that such men would benefit, is the same one who … Continue reading

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NEW YORK: NYC apes South Africa

“[T]here might be cultural sensitivities around it.” -concluding sentence in New York Times story in reference to Asian men New York City joins South Africa in advocating outrageous approaches to combating HIV/AIDS. A story in today’s New York Times details … Continue reading

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