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AVAC STUDY: Medical male circumcision effect on women likely universally bad

A bunch of focus groups were set up in East Africa to determine women’s attitudes and perceptions (shaped no doubt by experience) to medical male circumcision. All the findings came out negative. From believing that male circumcision is by definition … Continue reading

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CRAZYTOWN: The fringe benefits of spousal abuse

I used to be in an abusive relationship. While it wasn’t one that I sought out, neither was it one I sought to escape. You see, through all the beat downs and late nights in the ER, I found there … Continue reading

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Sociodemographic and behavior/risk characteristics explain “effectiveness” of circumcision

In a long description of a recent study investigating the (real world) effectiveness of circumcision, Aidsmap has highlighted important data that reveals an association with sociodemographic (aka cultural and value-based) characteristics and HIV infection risk. The money quotes are as … Continue reading

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Belarus rejects circumcision in HIV fight

I don’t normally like to tread ground already covered elsewhere. However, I think it bears noting and repeating that Belarus last month rejected circumcision. You can read about it here. It is a bit of a mystery to me why some … Continue reading

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Colonialism of circumcision?

In the following article, a skeptic lays down the controversy. We begin the fair-use article before the jump … Circumcision Fight: Profit, Pleasure, or Population Control? If the experiment fails, Africans are likely to feel abused and exploited by scientists … Continue reading

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