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I’m with you still, fighting for the kids! Promise!

I had really good intentions of writing up something lengthy and thoughtful about the German court decision adjudging circumcision of helpless children assault. I intended to write something up on the Intact America/NOCIRC/Genital Autonomy conference in Finland next month. I … Continue reading

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TEXAS: Republican and an Intactivist

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TRAVIS WISDOM: Feminist Intactivist

Travis Wisdom is continuing his academic studies at Keele University. I’ve met him a couple of times. He’s an intellect to be reckoned with and is already a force in the intactivism community despite his relative newcomer status.

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Intactivism for 2012: Prevention and Restoration

Most people I worked with this last year will tell you it was a tough year for intactivism. Not all of the setbacks were caused by our opponents, either. There were missteps and unexpected unintended consequences resulting from a few … Continue reading

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NOTEBOOK: What lies ahead for intactivism

The only goal I have for intactivism is to kill infant circumcision. I do not care who leads, who follows, where the ideas come from, or how they are implemented as long as the implementation does not harm intactivism and … Continue reading

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