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Circumcision Tweet of the Day

Forgive me, my Jewish friends and colleagues if this appears disrespectful, but it’s a legitimate question in light of metzitzah b’peh, which is quite literally baby penis sucking. Look at that smug photo of the chief Rabbi of Israel, wonder how … Continue reading

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AMAZING: Ronald Gray would rather 100+ infant boys die than to give them the HPV vaccine later in life

Statistically insignificant difference in HPV infection in circumcised and intact men? Check. Slightly higher HPV clearance rate in circumcised men? Ok, check. Highly efficacious HPV vaccine available and recommended for girls and boys? Double check (double because there are two … Continue reading

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BUSINESSWEEK: Two reviews of the circumcision literature offer starkly different views

Businessweek published a brief review of the current debate on infant circumcision yesterday. Not surprisingly, American researchers largely dismiss any concerns while Australian researchers consider the psychological and complication rate more worthy of consideration. A short excerpt: In general, “there … Continue reading

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CRAZYTOWN: The fringe benefits of spousal abuse

I used to be in an abusive relationship. While it wasn’t one that I sought out, neither was it one I sought to escape. You see, through all the beat downs and late nights in the ER, I found there … Continue reading

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AUSTRALIA: Tale of Two Opinions on Circumcision

NOTE: This is a republished “best of” post from 2009. Unfortunately, not all of the links are still live. Sorry about that. Excellent analysis of the latter article below is available from the Intactivism Pages. HIV and circumcision share one … Continue reading

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