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RWANDA: In HIV-ravaged Rwanda, government comes up with two great reasons to skip the condom

The BBC reports that circumcisions and vasectomies will be offered together in a one-stop shopping experience to at once reduce population and HIV. Critics have derided the effort as a way to speed population decline by spreading HIV … . … Continue reading

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Royal Dutch Medical Association issues statement on male circumcision of infants and children, AAP now has model statement to draw on

The Royal Dutch Medical Association* has come out with its first ever male circumcision policy statement regarding infants and children (very thoughtfully provided in English as well as in Dutch). According to the preamble, the reasons for this are the … Continue reading

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Mandatory Medicine: why are males and females treated differently and where’s the outcry?

“To be discussing mandatory vaccination when the main clinical trials are still ongoing seems extremely premature. We’re feeling like the enthusiasm is driving policy rather than data.” – Dr. Karen McCune, an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at UCSF … Continue reading

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