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Paul Mason, Rest In Peace

Travis Wisdom writes via ARC: Friends, it’s with great sadness that I’d like to inform you all that Paul Mason, Chair of the Australasian Institute for Genital Autonomy, and Former Children’s Commissioner of Tasmania, died last night. Paul was a … Continue reading

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CANADA: CAN-FAP does Vancouver Pride

EDIT: This year (2013), CAN-FAP and other intactivists were denied a place in the Vancouver Pride celebration (parade and festival). But in 2011 (the date this post was originally published and the date of the time stamp it retains), they … Continue reading

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Judge Giorgi removes SF MGM Bill from San Francisco ballot [updated with video]

Judge Loretta Giorgi of the Superior Court in San Francisco ruled against the SFMGMBill.org ballot initiative as was expected from her tentative ruling the day before. In addition, she ruled that the Doctors Opposing Circumcision Amicus Curiae brief was untimely … Continue reading

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THE DAILY BEAST: Adam Winkler bizarrely insults the unemployed and San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood in his attack on genital integrity

Alleged constitutional scholar Adam Winkler writes a genuinely clueless column today in The Daily Beast attacking the San Francisco proposed circumcision ban, both insulting the unemployed and San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood in doing so*. As if that’s not bizarre enough, … Continue reading

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18th Annual March on Washington for Genital Integrity

Ten years on from the march depicted in Saturday’s video, we have this video depicting last week’s march, which marks the 18th year that David Wilson and supporters of SICSOCIETY have come out for gender equality and genital integrity.

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