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CDC: Circumcision of No Benefit to Gay and Bisexual Men

The New York Times is reporting on a new study to be published Wednesday in The Journal of the American Medical Association. The work reviewed the results of 15 separate studies conducted in eight countries which included nearly 54,000 men. … Continue reading

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ASHM 2008: Fourth study shows circumcision useless in HIV prevention among gay men

A new study has once again shown that circumcision as a strategy to prevent homosexually acquired HIV is essentially useless. The new paper was presented at the 20th annual Australasian Society for HIV Medicine conference the week of the 14th. … Continue reading

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Aidsmap | US study suggests circumcision does not protect black or Latino MSM from HIV

Follow the link for a more detailed summary of the recent study that found no protective effect from circumcision in gay men. One confounding statement the study authors make, paraphrased here: Although two previous US studies examining the relationship between … Continue reading

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Study finds no protective effect in gay men from circumcision, so why are the authors still promoting it?

The stock response in the last two decades to the realization that circumcision has little to no value in public health and can be demonstrated to harm newborn males as well as adult sexuality has been to repeat old saws … Continue reading

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Male circumcision gives women the shaft one more time

Women are dying of AIDS while some researcher bends over his penis, smiles at it fondly, and imagines what little alteration would make it an all-purpose tool safe to use again. Kelly Jean Cogswell reminds us that women need protection … Continue reading

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