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ONE MAD MAN: Bay Area Intactivists hit a deep and emotional nerve at San Francisco Pride

In the six years I have joined the Bay Area Intactivists participating in the San Francisco Pride parade, the worst reaction to our presence I have ever seen along the parade route was subdued disapproval. Never shouting. No name-calling. Certainly … Continue reading

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IAS 2011: “What village?! What village?!”

On the second day of the conference (as mentioned in an earlier post), we encountered a group of young Ugandan men who said they were researchers in the Rakai, Uganda, circumcision RCT. The self-assured, self-appointed spokesman for this group made … Continue reading

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At SF PRIDE 2011: Intact and Jewish

There is still more to come on the IAS 2011 conference in Rome. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, the video below was captured at the San Francisco Pride Festival this year. This one goes from an Auschwitz survivor angrily turning over the … Continue reading

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AIDS PATIENT CARE AND STDS Vol 24 Issue 8: Circumcised men who have sex with men may be more susceptible to HIV acquisition

The latest study to suss out the impact of circumcision on rates of HIV acquisition among gay men has provided some important insights. The general conclusion to be drawn is that the failure to show a statistical difference between circumcised … Continue reading

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TWO STUDIES, SAME STORY: Neither women nor men who have sex with men receive benefit from male circumcision

First up is yet another study looking for HIV risk reduction from male circumcision in men who have sex with men. Once again, no such benefit was forthcoming. The relevant language from the abstract: Among men who reported unprotected insertive … Continue reading

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