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Royal Dutch Medical Association issues statement on male circumcision of infants and children, AAP now has model statement to draw on

The Royal Dutch Medical Association* has come out with its first ever male circumcision policy statement regarding infants and children (very thoughtfully provided in English as well as in Dutch). According to the preamble, the reasons for this are the … Continue reading

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AAP okays some forms of FGM, prepares to usher in gender neutral circumcision policy?

The American Academy of Pediatrics is moving backwards fast. It has now decided that female genital mutilation also known correctly and rightly as female circumcision (so as not to differentiate and distance it from male circumcision) is okay as long … Continue reading

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END OF 00s: The decade circumcision without consent gained a new lease on life

(I was going to do an end of year round up type thing. But I think we’ve covered the big stories except for the latest non-sense out of the circumcision camp claiming women just love a circumcised penis. The absurdity … Continue reading

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