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NOTEBOOK: Influencing the Discussion on Male Circumcision and HIV

In order to effectively slow down the roll-out of male circumcision, it will be necessary to determine a set of crucial points of discussion. The damage that male circumcision causes is gaining a wider audience [see posts from 4/30, 5/2, … Continue reading

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Progressive media finally chime in?

In an astounding development, counterpunch.org published an article on Friday that discussed the politics of neonatal circumcision in America. What’s astounding is that this topic has been bouncing around select progressive groups for years. The perennial question has always been, … Continue reading

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AFRICA: Abstract on circumcision as vector for HIV

This is the abstract from a paper that appeared in the Annals of Epidemiology. Sorry I don’t have the full pdf. The main point is that circumcision itself is a vector for the transmission of HIV in limited resource settings … Continue reading

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AFRICA: Fears circumcision could spread HIV borne out by research

A common fear expressed by UNAIDS and WHO regarding male circumcision has been that the procedure will spread infection both directly through contaminated instruments and by “risk disihibition” – men thinking circumcision has made them immune. This article summarizes recent … Continue reading

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NOTEBOOK: Strategies for influencing the use of male circumcision in HIV prevention

The time has come (perhaps has been here a while) to look at influencing the debate viz. the use of male circumcision in HIV prevention. Obviously, this blog has held a skeptical view of male circumcision from the beginning. This … Continue reading

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