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AIDS PATIENT CARE AND STDS Vol 24 Issue 8: Circumcised men who have sex with men may be more susceptible to HIV acquisition

The latest study to suss out the impact of circumcision on rates of HIV acquisition among gay men has provided some important insights. The general conclusion to be drawn is that the failure to show a statistical difference between circumcised … Continue reading

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NORM COHEN: Circumcision AIDS Fraud

Norm Cohen, director of NOCIRC of Michigan, discusses the pseudo science and deception behind the push to circumcise Africa. – Caption from the original

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AFRICA: Questions re HIV/circumcision link

African voices are beginning to question the widely and uncritically reported results of the Kenyan and Ugandan studies touting circumcision as an effective method against HIV infection. Dr. Joseph Matare, HIV/AIDS Medical Officer for Namibia, recently wrote in The Zimdaily … Continue reading

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Notebook: Is male circumcision an acknowledgment of failure?

Opponents of circumcision claim its use to combat HIV infection is a pessimistic approach. Proponents say it is a hopeful one. Ironically, the proponents’ hope stands in stark juxtaposition with its assumption of past and future failure. For 25 years, … Continue reading

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