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SANTA CRUZ PRIDE: First Amendment Free Zone?

The Bay Area Intactivists marched in the Santa Cruz Pride Parade today and found themselves immediately embroiled in controversy for taking pictures of one of their members innocuously holding a protest sign in front of a group representing the American … Continue reading

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Judge Giorgi removes SF MGM Bill from San Francisco ballot [updated with video]

Judge Loretta Giorgi of the Superior Court in San Francisco ruled against the SFMGMBill.org ballot initiative as was expected from her tentative ruling the day before. In addition, she ruled that the Doctors Opposing Circumcision Amicus Curiae brief was untimely … Continue reading

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SAN FRANCISCO BAY TIMES: Dr. Stephen J. Fallon misinforms the gay community

It’s rather curious that even the experts are confused about the implications of the three African studies being used to build a case for male circumcision. The San Francisco Bay Times recently published an “analysis” piece by Stephen J. Fallon, … Continue reading

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