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AUSTRALIA: Tale of Two Opinions on Circumcision

NOTE: This is a republished “best of” post from 2009. Unfortunately, not all of the links are still live. Sorry about that. Excellent analysis of the latter article below is available from the Intactivism Pages. HIV and circumcision share one … Continue reading

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ASHM 2008: Fourth study shows circumcision useless in HIV prevention among gay men

A new study has once again shown that circumcision as a strategy to prevent homosexually acquired HIV is essentially useless. The new paper was presented at the 20th annual Australasian Society for HIV Medicine conference the week of the 14th. … Continue reading

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AUSTRALIA: AIDS org says circumcision “has no role” in Australian context

The Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations has issued a briefing paper (pdf) with the telling headline, “Male circumcision has no role in the Australian AIDS epidemic.” Among the key points are: There is no demonstrated benefit of circumcision in men who … Continue reading

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IAS 2007: Circumcision is not predictive of HIV infection (seroconversion) in gay men.

But not content with these results, the authors conclude, “More studies, please.” Edit: Aidsmap has an excellent summary of the study and one other study showing Peruvian gay men would be willing to be test subjects for a future circumcision … Continue reading

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AUSTRALIA: Neonatal circumcision rejected

From a small LGBT news magazine [link, below, now dead], we have this sober gem from down under. Repetitive of the HIV/circumcision news releases of the time (Aug. ’06), the article generally states that gay men would receive no benefit … Continue reading

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