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IAS 2011: Improved HIV risk reduction from circumcision

I have very little to say about Auvert’s new report from Orange Farm. It is unclear how sound these results are. I cannot begin to dissect them. I encourage those knowledgeable enough about the science to do so. The real … Continue reading

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IAS 2011: Circumcision Satisfaction Survey

Media reports have talked about the post circumcision satisfaction report. I saw the poster presentation which is provided below. My sense was that the report was so skewed towards better everything post-circumcision that it verged on parody. The participants in … Continue reading

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ROME: Report on IAS 2011 coming …

I’m working on a report detailing my participation in representing Intact America at the IAS 2011 conference in Rome. It was a stressful few days full of constant interaction with a skeptical crowd. Therefore, I want to process the experience … Continue reading

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IAS 2011: Two days in the fray

We’ve made a lot of good contacts. We’ve even had a presenter for one of the sessions on circumcision come by for a thoughtful conversation on why we’re here and our opposition to mass circumcision for all African men, including … Continue reading

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UGANDA: New HIV/Aids Messages [re male circumcision] Worsening HIV Situation

Objective minds predicted this outcome long before any on-the-ground examination was carried out. The reality is male circumcision is making things worse. New HIV/Aids Messages Worsening HIV Situation A new report by PANOS Eastern Africa [dead link] has shown that new … Continue reading

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