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SOUTH AFRICA: Are circumcised men safer sex partners?

Turns out the answer is no. A new study published August 1, 2018 in PLoS One suggests that medically circumcised men over 40 carry higher rates of HIV than intact men or men circumcised as part of an initiation ritual … Continue reading

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CORTE MADERA: Bay Area Intactivists protest Tinderbox book tour with Daniel Halperin and Craig Timberg at Book Passage

In the above seven and a half minute video, an event spokesman expressed his nervousness about our presence and you can see Halperin himself as he arrives for the event. The Bay Area Intactivists organized a protest in Corte Madera … Continue reading

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AIDS 2012: Why I (probably) won’t be going to DC

It seems so recent that I was shilling for funds to go to Rome for the AIDS 2011 conference. But it’s been almost a year since the beginning of that effort. Now AIDS 2012 is approaching and this time it’s … Continue reading

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IAS 2011: “What village?! What village?!”

On the second day of the conference (as mentioned in an earlier post), we encountered a group of young Ugandan men who said they were researchers in the Rakai, Uganda, circumcision RCT. The self-assured, self-appointed spokesman for this group made … Continue reading

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IAS 2011: Delegate Interactions with Intact America

I perceived our interaction with the delegates who chose to come by our booth as mostly positive. A few wanted to argue. A few said they agreed with us, but felt powerless to oppose the juggernaut. Almost none knew anything … Continue reading

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