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CORTE MADERA: Bay Area Intactivists protest Tinderbox book tour with Daniel Halperin and Craig Timberg at Book Passage

In the above seven and a half minute video, an event spokesman expressed his nervousness about our presence and you can see Halperin himself as he arrives for the event. The Bay Area Intactivists organized a protest in Corte Madera … Continue reading

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AIDS 2012: Why I (probably) won’t be going to DC

It seems so recent that I was shilling for funds to go to Rome for the AIDS 2011 conference. But it’s been almost a year since the beginning of that effort. Now AIDS 2012 is approaching and this time it’s … Continue reading

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IAS 2011: “What village?! What village?!”

On the second day of the conference (as mentioned in an earlier post), we encountered a group of young Ugandan men who said they were researchers in the Rakai, Uganda, circumcision RCT. The self-assured, self-appointed spokesman for this group made … Continue reading

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IAS 2011: Delegate Interactions with Intact America

I perceived our interaction with the delegates who chose to come by our booth as mostly positive. A few wanted to argue. A few said they agreed with us, but felt powerless to oppose the juggernaut. Almost none knew anything … Continue reading

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IAS 2011: Improved HIV risk reduction from circumcision

I have very little to say about Auvert’s new report from Orange Farm. It is unclear how sound these results are. I cannot begin to dissect them. I encourage those knowledgeable enough about the science to do so. The real … Continue reading

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