COLLEGE HUMOR: The real reason you’re CIRCUMCISED!


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8 Reasons Vaccination is NOT like Circumcision

Eight reasons why vaccination is not like circumcision:

  1. Vaccination confers immunity against specific diseases; even if the extravagant claims of its advocates were correct, circumcision could do no more than reduce the risk (and not by much). Nobody will become immune to any disease by virtue of circumcision.
  2. Vaccination adds to the body’s natural immune system; circumcision amputates a large and visually prominent part of the penis.
  3. Vaccination provides protection against diseases to which children are at risk and which they may spread to others. Of the diseases to which circumcision is supposed to provide protection, only UTIs are found in children.
  4. Vaccination provides protection against diseases that are highly contagious. The diseases against which circumcision is supposed to provide protection are either non-contagious (UTIs, penile cancer) or of low virulence (STIs and HIV) – meaning that they are not easily communicated from one person to another.
  5. Vaccination leaves at most a small spot or lump; circumcision disfigures and scars a man in his most sensitive region for life.
  6. Vaccination is an injection; circumcision is major surgery, accurately described as pre-emptive amputation.
  7. Vaccination does not diminish the functionality of any body part; circumcision has documented adverse effects on the function of the genitals.
  8. Vaccination is scientific medicine, with proven protective value; circumcision is a relic of Victorian quackery.

Source: Call to Circumcise Ignores the Evidence, Online Opinion,

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WASHINGTON DC: Young intactivists hand out baby cards at annual DC protest

Who can decline a card from a child? Brings a tear to my eye …

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Meet the ‘Circumcision Foundation of Australia’

A great summation of just who is behind the “Circumcision Foundation of Australia.”

Intactivists of Australasia

In 2010, an organisation calling itself the ‘Circumcision Foundation of Australia’ (CFA) was established, with its sole aim being to reverse the dramatic decline in the number of circumcisions that are performed in Australia. The CFA presents itself as being a group of credible, well educated ‘public health advocates’ but its stance puts it severely at odds with conventional wisdom on this issue. In fact, as The Age recently reported, ‘no authoritative health policy maker in any jurisdiction with a frequency of relevant health conditions as low as that in Australia recommends circumcision as an individual or public health measure’. Anyone who takes a closer look at the activities and associations of some of this lobby group’s members will therefore surely ask themselves the following question: ‘What are the real motivations of the CFA?’

In the interests of transparency and public awareness, we at the ‘Intactivists of Australasia’ have compiled…

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NEWS: Foregen completes first experiments towards regenerative foreskin restoration

Foregen is an organization attempting to pioneer regenerative techniques to be applied to foreskin restoration. They recently completed their first experiments.

foregen is currently working with scientists at the University of Bologna’s School of Veterinary Medicine in Italy to fully regenerate bovine foreskins. We have successfully decellularized these foreskins, thus completing our first benchmark! The extracellular matrices of these foreskins will be cryogenically stored until the results of our work are fully analyzed and ready to be published in a peer-reviewed journal. Once we have completed the analysis, we will fully regenerate these animal foreskins with the use of stem cells.

I fully support this research. It is one strain of the cultural-medical struggle against compulsory infant circumcision so prevalent in the United States and in other parts of the world today.


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