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LAWSUIT: Boy’s life worth $230,000 after death from circumcision

What’s a boy’s life worth to the family that will never see him grow up? Hard to say, but the risk of pursuing the real value of his life was deemed too great and the family settled for $230,000. Read … Continue reading

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TEXAS: State Medicaid program could save $2.4 million a year by dropping infant circumcision

According to a recent blog post on the Houston Chronicle website, Texas stands to save $2.4 million if it drops medicaid coverage for infant circumcision. But will it? As a native, let me weigh in on this and say, ‘Bout … Continue reading

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J. Steven Svoboda: Circumcision Lawsuits

As a lawyer, I had to post this discussion by J. Steven Svoboda of the Attorneys for the Rights of the Child. I’ve always dreamed of a law practice where the focus is on helping victims of coerced or substandard … Continue reading

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AAP okays some forms of FGM, prepares to usher in gender neutral circumcision policy?

The American Academy of Pediatrics is moving backwards fast. It has now decided that female genital mutilation also known correctly and rightly as female circumcision (so as not to differentiate and distance it from male circumcision) is okay as long … Continue reading

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UK: Infant and child circumcision could violate Human Rights Act

The Telegraph reports that a lecturer in ethics at Glasgow University has published a paper in the journal Clinical Ethics, arguing that it is unethical to circumcise boys for no medical reason. Dr. David Shaw writes that a doctor who performs … Continue reading

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