“It’s a Boy” is a movie that has broken some very thick ice on a very difficult subject in Germany, of all places, and in other countries. Although I haven’t been very active in recent months on the issue, circumcision has become very high profile in Europe and in the United States as governments have been confronted with grass roots efforts to ban or regulate the practice.

Watch “It’s a Boy” by Victor Schonfeld

As we’ve worked to redefine this involuntary act on infants and children as sexual violence and a devastating betrayal of Western concepts of free will, others have fought back. “It’s a Boy” is another piece of the puzzle to document what circumcision is and what must change. Yes, this video costs $$. But it is a small price to pay to support the filmmaker, distributer and cause to end infant and child circumcision. Please spend the $2.99 for yourself or someone who needs to see it.


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  1. James Loewen says:

    An excellent and gripping documentary, a must see for anyone who wishes to know and understand this issue.

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