I’m with you still, fighting for the kids! Promise!

I had really good intentions of writing up something lengthy and thoughtful about the German court decision adjudging circumcision of helpless children assault. I intended to write something up on the Intact America/NOCIRC/Genital Autonomy conference in Finland next month. I really wanted to write about several bogus studies and real ones, too. But I’m just not able to sit down and work through all the bullshit.

Thankfully, I really don’t have to anymore. There are so many great mothers and others reaching out to the world to inform, advocate and save kids from having a piece of their penis sliced off in the name of somebody’s conception of science or culture or maybe even art. Who the hell knows?! So I don’t feel such a need to write several times a month.

I want to thank everyone who remembers this blog and checks in once in a while. I’ll throw something up every now and then, but the action has moved to twitter. There, you’ll find my opinions, foreshortened though they may be. If I need to expand on something, I’ll return here and say a few words. But I won’t be posting that regularly anymore. Of course, look for posts on events, such as Pride.

This post was sponsored by Steffan Le Prince and H G, as promised, but way late. Sorry about that and thanks for donating to the Foregen fundraiser, my friends. Take care.

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2 Responses to I’m with you still, fighting for the kids! Promise!

  1. James Loewen says:

    Your work has been tremendous David, this blog a great contribution to encouraging rational discussion and awareness. Thank you for all you’ve done here!

  2. Joseph Lewis says:

    My sentiments exactly…
    I so wanted to focus on these issues and write extensively on them, but there are already good articles out there, thanks to all the intactivists working hard for the cause! 🙂
    Thx for all you do, David…

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