GILGAL SOCIETY: Circumcision advocate, Vernon Quaintance, convicted of sex crime

CROYDON, UK. Arch circumcision advocate, Vernon Quaintance, was convicted of possession of child pornography April 11. Quaintance claimed during the proceedings he is celibate, a common defensive claim of pedophiles despite its irrelevance to possession of child pornography, and that he had only looked at the material a long time ago.

In connection with this group, Quaintance is credited with providing a description of luring teenage boys through the use of alcohol and psychological manipulation into being circumcised. The description was published in Circumcision: An Ethnomedical Study by A. Thomas (The Gilgal Society, EMS-EN 0304-2, Fourth Edition 2005, Chapter 27 p.191, Case Histories and Experiences of Circumcision). See an excerpt hereQuaintance is a member of the Gilgal Society, a bizarre circumcision advocacy organization with ties to many other circumcision campaigners, such as Daniel Halperin and Robert Bailey.

Despite the overt implications of abuse, the incident has never been investigated by authorities.

Perhaps fearing guilt by association, at least one fellow traveler, Brian Morris, has scrubbed his own website and other publishing activities to “disappear” any connection with Quaintance and the Gilgal Society.

Pertaining to the present criminal accusation against Quaintance, he accepted the charges and received a 40 week suspended sentence.

Source: Croydon circumcision campaigner caught with child porn videos

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  1. Gerry says:

    Next is to mandate that these criminals register as sex offenders so that they are barred from occupations that allow them proximity to children and vulnerable adults.

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