PENN JILLETTE: Atheist Guide to the 2012 Election with lessons for intactivism

Penn Jillette, one of our allies and heroes, gives us an atheist guide to the 2012 election. The relevant part for intactivism is right around the 10 minute mark.

Jillette talks about how a mass falling away from organized religious belief is amplified by the internet. He says it has become really hard for religious communities to shield their members from opposing and differing ideas. It isn’t that religion is disappearing, but that people who find themselves believing something different have the space to come out of the closet and live radically different than they would have, unexposed to other views.

The lesson for intactivists is that we will never go back to a time of total isolation. When a teen or young adult upset at being circumcised or suffering from a poor circumcision outcome goes online, he will find a community of supporters and a wealth of information. Odds are he won’t do it to his own son. In contrast, how many times have we heard from men who came of age pre-internet, upset at being circumcised but who circumcised their own sons anyway?

Partially NSFW due to language and Jillette never addresses circumcision specifically (although his views are well known on the topic).

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1 Response to PENN JILLETTE: Atheist Guide to the 2012 Election with lessons for intactivism

  1. James Loewen says:

    Hearing Penn Jillette speaking so clearly and passionately gives me hope. He really articulates what so may of us are feeling about politicians and religious claims.
    Easy access to information is eroding the childhood indoctrination religion relies upon for new “converts.” The internet is providing information to those interested in finding the truth about many things, including forced circumcision.
    Hearing Jillette actually makes me feel a little less bad about having prematurely lost other free thinkers, like John Lennon.

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