Five years of MC_HIV

Next month, this blog will celebrate five years of telling the world that circumcision does not prevent AIDS. The fifth year has been tough. How was your year of intactivism? Tell me in the comments.

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1 Response to Five years of MC_HIV

  1. James Loewen says:

    2011’s been a tough year for many of us intactivists David, particularly with the events around the SF MGM Bill. Most of us were geared up for some more major headway with the issue, confident that when forced genital cutting of children is allowed space for discussion sanity and common sense will always prevail. The cutters know that so the only thing they can do is shut down discussion.
    The issue is certainly not going away. 2011 also saw more people entering this discussion and bringing unique skills to this issue.
    Congratulations on five years of proving this site, a very useful and evolving resource!

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