SAN FRANCISCO: The Cut Tour 2011

Cut VIPThe Cut Tour 2011 made a stop in San Francisco, Saturday night, October 29, 2011, to an almost full house. The 80 person auditorium at the Ninth Street Independent Film Center was filled to near capacity for Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon’s film that explores infant circumcision from a Jewish perspective.

After the screening, Mark Reiss, MD, Lisa Braver Moss, Rebecca Wald and Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon took to the stage and hosted a question and answer session that stretched for almost as long as the film. Dr. Reiss has been affiliated with Doctors Opposing Circumcision for many years and is a member of a conservative synagogue in the Bay Area. Lisa Braver Moss recently wrote the book, The Measure of his Grief, which concerns the psychological fall-out of circumcision on a Jewish man and his family. Rebecca Wald is the mother of an intact boy and has created the website and online resource, Beyond the Bris, which explores the reality of raising a Jewish boy without circumcision and related issues. (Click on their names above for each of their websites.)

Cut Panel Q & A

The Cut Tour 2011 is wrapping up soon on the West Coast with the final screening in Las Vegas on November 2, 2011. It was organized by The Whole Network and has been hosted by local intactivist groups and organizations, such as the Bay Area Intactivists.

Cut Tour Panel

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