Mike Gatto, The Face of Genital Cutting in America

This has been a month of repose after a long summer of suffering. I am very sorry for the no-posts-at-all schedule of August. There was much to post about. I’ll try to pull it together and do a digest this week. Until then, enjoy this little graphic. He’s a Democrat, by the way. Word from Sacramento is that the Republicans are fully on board with this barbarism. Nothing unites the nation, the religions, and the politicians like a bloody baby penis. Just like the homophobia of not so long ago (and even now, of course).

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3 Responses to Mike Gatto, The Face of Genital Cutting in America

  1. I called Mike Gatto’s office today and to thank him for being the inspiration for genital cutting. Here is the call 🙂

  2. Great poster.
    It would be great to have one for each State Senator who voted yes.
    Graphically, it might have more impact with one bloody image and one face, side by side, each the same size. The small images in this poster don’t have the impact of that one big one would have, especially when the image is shrunk to fit on a crowded web page. Ideally, there would be many paired photos for each senator each with a different portrait and a different crime scene photo.
    Repeatedly associating their portraits with bloody genitals definitely won’t help them at election time. They couldn’t deserve it more.

  3. James Loewen says:

    The disgusting images on this poster describe the recent turn of events and put a public face to some disgusting politics. Parents and children beware.

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