IAS 2011: Thank you to all the donors

Just a quick note as I prepare to board a flight to Rome and the International AIDS Society 2011 conference …

Thanks to all the donors who contributed a grand total of $975. We missed our $300 matching pledge, but I’m told I’ll still get a part of it at the end of the conference. Fortunately, accommodation is handled and the pledge to cover $1000 of the flight is said to be a sure thing. Therefore, this trip is possible.

I’ll have reports and hopefully photos and maybe some video as we go along depending on wi-fi availability.

Thanks again!

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fronterizo, public defender, intactivist, gay
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1 Response to IAS 2011: Thank you to all the donors

  1. James Loewen says:

    Good Luck! Looking forward to your photos and video as evidence of the event.
    Thanks for all you’ve done David, to bring clarity and truth to an often purposely obfuscated topic.
    Encouraging all who can to donate to David’s expenses. Intactivists do a great deal with very little money and could do much more with more funds. To all who see the value of this informative enterprise, please donate!

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