GEORGETOWN U.: Child Circumcision, an Elephant in the Hospital

A careful dissection of a cultural harm.

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3 Responses to GEORGETOWN U.: Child Circumcision, an Elephant in the Hospital

  1. Hello. I’m from Poland and I must say I had absolutely no idea that so many people is practicing circumcision in US! I am seriously concerned about it! Especially because the circumcision is completely illegal on girls, so why on Earth it is so practiced on boys? But what stroke me most is that the parent are treating this as a normal thing to do to their sons and not even think twice before letting the doctor do it.
    In Poland it is completely different story. Probably the only circumcised man are Jewish and with genital conditions in which the circumcision was necessary. I could understand/allow the circumcision of babies of the Jewish people, because I know that it is very important to them to do so. But after watching this video, I seriously wonder about this point of view now. It shouldn’t be determined on how many people practice it. Now, I strongly believe, that the circumcision should be illegal to do on people under 18. Jewish should just wait with this act until this age. Because IT IS a genital modification and mutilation performed on underaged children!

  2. Just wanted to mention that a new searchable link to this video has been posted at vimeo. It’s a great presentation- worth passing on.

  3. It’s really interesting, because quite a few people we’ve talked to about leaving our son intact, it strikes them as weird… not like offensively weird like I’m used to getting from a few folks—but like they hadn’t thought about NOT doing it. They never really thought why, but they knew one was the norm and one wasn’t.
    …and I’ve heard from at least one guy that “if it wasn’t good, doctors wouldn’t do it” and I’ve heard from at least one doctor ( that, “if it wasn’t good, parents wouldn’t request it”
    It’s, overall, really messed-up.

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