International AIDS Society Conference 2011 – Rome

Thanks to everyone who has checked in to find out how we did at the IAS 2011 conference in Rome. Thanks again to the donors. Please see my reports here => IAS 2011 – Rome.

UPDATE3: We’re here in Rome at the International AIDS Society 2011 Conference. We have had some open minded influentials stop by and ask questions. Intactivists were mentioned and a slide of a Washington DC intactivist protest was used in a session on circumcision. We are starting to see our voice being heard. More to come.

UPDATE2: As of today, we’ve raised $975, no increase for about 10 days now. The matching pledge of $300 has so far gone unclaimed. The breakdown now is $675 collected in direct donations, $200 in donations to Intact America, and an uncollected pledge of $100. On the upside, accommodation has been secured. I’ve also ordered professionally printed cards for the conference at just under $50. We can still claim that $300, but only with the help of the community. Thanks to all the donors.

UPDATE: We’re making progress, incrementally, and that’s good. This week our numbers are $650 collected in direct donations, $200 donated to Intact America, $125 in pledged but uncollected donations (a rise of $25), for a total of $975 of our $2500 goal.

Here’s the big news. Last year for IAS 2010 – Vienna, there was a donor who pledged $500 in matching donations. This year, I’ve received a $300 pledge in matching funds. So, just $300 can become $600 for a total of $1575 towards our $2500 goal – if we collect $300 from other sources first. That’s huge, folks. Help us achieve our funding goal for IAS 2011 – Rome!




This year the International AIDS Society is holding their annual conference in Rome, July 17-20*. Intact America will send a team of three people to provide outreach to stakeholders, policymakers, and others. I will be one of the representatives for IA.

As you may be aware by now, I’m raising funds for most of my expenses. I consider efforts so far to be very successful. I have recevied $600 in direct donations. IA has received another $200. I have a pledge of $100, Our total is up to $900. We need another $1600.

Why aren’t you self-funding the entire cost of attending?

I am unable to self-fund the entire cost of this effort for at least three reasons.

  1. I am self-employed in indigent criminal defense. Aside from what you may have heard, this is not a particularly lucrative area of law. I make a little more than a mid-career public school teacher. Moreover, when I am not here, nose to the grindstone, I’m not earning.
  2. I am a strong believer in community endorsement of activism. If I can’t get the community to support what I am doing to advance the cause, I should be doing something else. My community is the intactivism community. If you like the idea of having a representative at the IAS 2011 conference, vote with your dollars. Even small votes count.
  3. This is a test. You are witnessing a new activism model. I didn’t invent it or think of it first. I am however a test subject. Can we devise an activism and reporting model that draws its support and funding from disparate sources using the internet to connect and report back? I hope so.

Should I donate to you or to Intact America?

You should donate directly to me if you want to support me. You should donate to IA if you want to support the entire team and you want the tax deduction. If you donate to IA, please let them and me know that the donation is specifically for the Rome IAS 2011 conference.

What costs have you incurred so far?

I have purchased my flight to Rome. The cost was $1662.00. The obscene price does not entitle me to sit in first class. It is a non-refundable economy fair that took a month to find. In fact, I could have purchased the ticket sooner, but I held out in the hopes of finding something cheaper.

Additionally, I have allocated $50 for business cards for myself.

Fortunately, accommodation has been arranged, but is not yet finalized. Stay tuned on that.

What else?

  • A major factor this year is the state of the dollar. It is sadly trading at steep rates against the Euro.
  • I know this is a tough time for everybody. Moreover, there is a lot going on right now in intactivism. So many need your support. I understand this and thank you for helping if you can.
  • Every donor gets a signed copy of The Intactivists!

Check back here for updates as we get closer to the conference.

David Wilton

*IAS has a conference every year. The big conference is held on even years and the smaller conference is held on odd years. Next year, it is notable that the conference will be in Washington, DC. IAS has not held its conference in the United States for 20 years due to the entry restrictions imposed by the US government on people living with HIV. These restrictions have now been lifted.

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