TIME: Condoms designed specifically for circumcised men?

The author doesn’t come right out and say it. But it seems plausible enough. Men who are circumcised and therefore desensitized dislike condoms because, well, they lose their erections due to desensitization. A need without a product until now.

Could a New ‘Viagra Condom’ Encourage Safer Sex?

TimelogoIt’s been dubbed the “Viagra condom,” but that’s not entirely accurate. The new product is lined with a vasodilating gel, which increases blood flow to the penis and helps maintain erection. But unlike the pill, it’s not designed for men who have erectile dysfunction; rather, it’s meant for men who have trouble keeping erections specifically while using a condom.

Africa could become a huge market with the circumcision juggernaut steamrolling men by inducing circumcision envy and foreskin panic. If a circumcision doesn’t kill African men’s erections, the truth that they still have to wear condoms will. No worries. The NGOs now have a solution. No wonder fighting AIDS is so expensive.

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  1. I do the drop of lube in the reservoir for the feel I need being sexually handicapped by genital cutting. What interesting to me is that this innovation is British. So is the SenSlip artificial foreskin. I propose cut Brits don’t like being cut, have come to terms with it with a voice to develop help. Such would be compelled in this, where most are intact and even medics try hard to save foreskin. The USA has not matured to this point, only recently starting as a nation to ‘Question Circumcision’ (The Whole Network silicone bracelet). I’d say talking to the public on circumcision in the San Francisco area, 25% men are in absolute denial, seeming to only listen to facts to then dismiss. I bet the denial group is legend in the mid west. No way would they buy these Viagra condoms if it says they’re made for circumcised, compromised erection penises. After all intact men have mobile skin activating their sexual receptors even while wearing a condom (unless one puts it on with the skin forward) – the sexual function of the dartos muscle is intact and working transmitting and nuance of deflection any where along the shaft. Circumcision cut off the erogenous noose (ridged band & frenulum) thus wrecking any tension required to transmit action. Action must be applied directly on the frenulum remnant (if any remains) and condoms just don’t allow that.

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