UGANDA: New HIV/Aids Messages [re male circumcision] Worsening HIV Situation

Objective minds predicted this outcome long before any on-the-ground examination was carried out. The reality is male circumcision is making things worse.

New HIV/Aids Messages Worsening HIV Situation

A new report by PANOS Eastern Africa [dead link] has shown that new HIV/Aids messagesmeant to reduce the prevalence of the disease are instead facilitating its spread as they have created false impressions, especially with regard to multiple concurrent partnerships and male circumcision. PANOS is a network of institutions world over that carries out research and documentation of development information in marginalised communities.


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The report, titled “Communication challenges in HIV Prevention: Multiple Concurrent Partnerships and Medical Male Circumcision”, shows that majority of rural population believed that male circumcision gives a complete protection to HIV/Aids, while more than 88 per cent did not exactly know what the sexual network was.

Communication Chalenges in HIV Prevention

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