Open Thread Thursday

Comments have never been raging on this site, but why not give an open thread challenge a try on a slow news night.

Three topics. 1. San Francisco ban on male circumcision for children. 2. The Circumcision Lobby. 3. Media bias against genital integrity.


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6 Responses to Open Thread Thursday

  1. I really do like the site.
    The one thing I would like to reiterate here is just how much goes on, on forums now compared to what it used to. It used to be tumbleweeds… now the circ discussion forums, it’s just too much volume of stuff out there.
    Definitely a tipping point, but I can only hope it tips in favor of rational choices.

  2. KOTFrank says:

    David, this is such a good site, I always put it in comments when appropriate.
    Here’s some sites that may be good to connect with in some way. By your followers and you. I got them from the’s listing of possible grant giving.
    the Santa Cruz Aids Project
    Center for Reproductive Rights
    Public Justice Center
    National Radio Project Producers of “Making Contact”

  3. David Wilton says:

    David, this site used to be on the first page of google. Third result in fact. However, Google has changed their algorithm to fight spammy results and content farms, making SEO way less effective. So the site’s become sort of lost in the search game. I also wasn’t updating much for a long time, partly because after 4 years and 500 posts, how much more is there to say about this topic? But anyway, I digress. Hopefully the more frequent posts and greater number of links out will improve the site’s standing. – D

  4. A word… it’s not that this site isn’t immediately popular, it’s just not on the front page of google, exactly.

  5. While it doesn’t fly, it’s nice to see the issue hit center-stage on the news outlets rather than the back pages of a parenting message board.
    Nicer still, not being the only one arguing against it on either.
    Facts are stubborn, but statistics are more pliable.
    —Mark Twain
    This is my favorite, because it’s wiswell’s “10 fold” and “12 fold” argument, but when you see the actual numbers, you go, “ummm…we wouldn’t so much as stick a needle in our kid for this little effectiviness, let alone do something with a risk of complications”
    I see this done in ‘literature’ and with the laziness of journalism in this country, you can definitely see these reporters just sort of winging it.
    Winging it of the flavor: “Doctors wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t beneficial.” No… as an expectant dad, they just have a little check-box if you want one. And from what I’ve found, as a doctor, if I had the choice between confronting people with this being the stupid decision that this is or arguing with the baby, I’d argue with the baby. When my relations found out we were leaving our little guy intact, I’d never heard so much inane uninformed crap in my life. I’d been so used to debating numbers and wiswell studies and schoen bullshit… it was weird to go back 10-15 years in the debate that “when people were talking about how we needed foreskin in caveman days, but now we don’t need it and it just causes problem” and “he needs to be like other boys”…
    Really disappointing, but then again, when I first came to the cause years ago, it was reading 1969’s “Everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask”, made it sound like circumcision was the greatest thing since sliced bread.
    AND of course you could count on Doctor Oz to come up with whatever line is the most scary he could make to drive ratings. Remember that time plucking nose hairs was going to kill you? Remember that time when if you flushed your toilet in a 3 mile radius of a toothbrush you were going to get AIDS? Sigh….

  6. Joseph Lewis says:

    1. Sounds like a great idea, but I think we all know it simply is not going to fly, and we all know why. The “religious freedom” double-standard is going to win out. I think getting conversation started is about all talk of a ban is good for… baby steps I suppose….
    2. The circumcision lobby; cunning little fucks. All you need to do to justify infant genital mutilation is dress it in pseudo-science and ignore the ethical dilemma, and you’re safe. Female circumcision advocates could learn a thing or to from the pro-circumcision lobby. Perhaps if they spent enough money churning out “mountains of study” the nasty West with its ethics and human rights would back off…
    3. It’s not just the media; it’s the entire American medical industry. Cherrypick the evidence and present only that which even remotely puts (male infant) circumcision in a positive light. This country is so snowed when it comes to information, you’d think we were living in China.

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