SWAZILAND: Circumcision campaign backfires

The Swazi Observer reports that a campaign to encourage male circumcision by motivating women to berate and ridicule encourage men to do it has backfired. The intent was to get these women involved with the process …

New male circumcision campaign targets women [link no longer live]

However, this campaign has been misinterpreted by some people who thought that the message being sent out was that they were safe from contracting sexually transmitted infections when they were circumcised and therefore, could have more than one sexual partner.  The posters on the public transport display pictures of a man and four women accompanied by the word; “ngingumancoba” (I am a conqueror). To some, this has implied that after circumcision, they would be safe from sexually transmitted illnesses, hence the decision to have multiple concurrent partners.

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  1. Funny…how can a man think he is a “conqueror” when he thinks his partners will look for another penis whilst his heals.

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