TEXAS: State Medicaid program could save $2.4 million a year by dropping infant circumcision

According to a recent blog post on the Houston Chronicle website, Texas stands to save $2.4 million if it drops medicaid coverage for infant circumcision. But will it? As a native, let me weigh in on this and say, ‘Bout damn time they do.

Chopping Block: Circumcision

Today’s suggestion comes from a reader who wants to know how much the state could save by not offering circumcisions for young males as part of the state’s healthcare programs for the poor.

The answer is somewhat convoluted — the state spent a little more than $6 million to provide about 52,000 circumcisions in 2009. That $6 million came from both state and federal money.

Texas expects to spend about $50 billion on State Health and Human Services, which provides services like Medicaid, during the next budgeting period. About $30 billion of that is expected to come from the federal government.

Stephanie Goodman, a spokeswoman with State Health and Human Services, said that the same 3:2 federal to state funding ratio applies to circumcisions. If the state stopped providing the service, it would save about $2.4 million per year.

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