The Intactivists: San Francisco Pride 2009-2010

[Subscriptions and the photo archive are no longer available. But you can still buy the book at the link in the text below.]

So what is this book all about? In reality, it’s what you get by reading this blog or by visiting the photo archive. It’s a physical representation of my online efforts to photographically document public outreach by intactivists.

The book is a trade paperback. This means it isn’t a glossy photo book. The text runs about 800 words. In other words, it isn’t an account of our marches in the San Francisco Pride Parades. Rather it is a request and a thank you for support of the intactivists community behind this blog.

You can get a numbered copy and a personal thank you by subscribing to a monthly donation of any amount. Otherwise, you can purchase the book for $19.00 online. This blog will receive a little less than $10 of that to continue our work.

Please buy the book!




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