NEW BOOK: The Intactivists: San Francisco Pride 2009-2010


The Intactivists: SF Pride 2019-2010

Well, it’s been a while since the blog has seen much action. That will hopefully change soon. I’m plotting my return at this very moment.

One thing I want to share with loyal readers that check this space on a regular basis is the publication of MC_HIV’s first premium for regular supporters. Yes, friends, I have put together a little physical reminder that this isn’t all pixels and blog posts. Many intactivists are out there on the front lines, engaging with the people.

Therefore, let me introduce this blog’s first book, The Intactivists: SF Pride 2009-2010. You can get it right here for $19.00 or you can get a numbered copy with a personal thank you if you subscribe here [Sorry, no longer available as a premium for donations].

To avoid any failure to meet expectations, you can actually see all the images in the book here [Sorry, again, images no longer available for download or purchase]. And you can purchase copies of said images in beautiful glossy prints there as well. This book is a trade paperback rather than a glossy photo book. It is meant to be an object commemorating as well as documenting the efforts of all intactivists, but particularly of those who march in the parades and talk to people face to face.

All proceeds benefit this blog in one way or another, either by buying me more time to spend on it or by allowing me to donate to the work of others. I hope you will purchase a copy!


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