A CALL TO ACTION: Lobby the CDC to release the numbers on neonatal circumcision

cdc As the United States starts to fall in line with the rest of the world viz neonatal circumcision, many would like to see the trend reversed. The stats delivered at the AIDS 2010 conference in Vienna, purportedly from the CDC, would seem to be a sharp reversal for the likes of Halperin, Kilmarx, Bailey, Epstein, Bailis, Gray, Fenton and the others who harbor a fixation on genital cutting.

How should the challenge to our momentum be confronted? First, we need to lobby the CDC to release the numbers. With Halperin’s self-described “cabal, mafia of nerds” in charge at the CDC, we shouldn’t expect them to release these numbers voluntarily unless it serves their purpose of promoting infant male genital cutting. El Bcheraoui’s slide may have been an oversight with an unintended consequence of rallying the intactivist troops. So let’s capitalize on that, and get CDC to open their books and release the numbers.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
1600 Clifton Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30333 USA
800-CDC-INFO (800-232-4636)
TTY: (888) 232-6348
24 Hours/Every Day – cdcinfo@cdc.gov
Tweet them at @CDCgov

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