J. Steven Svoboda: Circumcision Lawsuits

As a lawyer, I had to post this discussion by J. Steven Svoboda of the Attorneys for the Rights of the Child. I’ve always dreamed of a law practice where the focus is on helping victims of coerced or substandard circumcisions. Steven explains how difficult circumcision cases can be even when you win.

I want to acknowledge James Loewen (Bonobo3D on YouTube) who conducted this interview. He is producing first rate original content that is at this stage only an aspiration for this blog. Thank you, James, for the noble work you do in producing a record of the efforts of humanitarians like Steven.

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  1. Joseph Lewis says:

    What an absolute disgrace that first case was. Clear malpractice and fraud, and that judge failed to act like a professional.
    Absolutely horrible.

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