MOMVERSATION.COM: Is circumcision wrong?

This video is great. It’s not particularly substantive, but it puts on display the emotional struggle infant circumcision inflicts on thoughtful mothers.

Alice Bradley ( looks pained by her decision despite her protests to the contrary. I see her defense of her child’s circumcision as strained and reluctant. I think her words demonstrate the power of peer pressure to force reflection. Of course, that power is just as strong to do the wrong thing when the winds are blowing in the other direction.

Bravo for Daphne Brogdon ( and Maggie Mason ( for their thoughtfulness.

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[Edit: Some participant links are dead or changed. Video link goes to YouTube.]

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  1. RationalJen says:

    Someone needs to tell Alice that when they circumcised her son, they did remove a significant part of his penis. And then she can ask her Jewish husband what Maimonides had to say about the effects of circumcision.

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