CRAZYTOWN: The fringe benefits of spousal abuse

smileblackeyeI used to be in an abusive relationship. While it wasn’t one that I sought out, neither was it one I sought to escape. You see, through all the beat downs and late nights in the ER, I found there were fringe benefits that came with the black eyes, broken teeth, and lost time from work. For example, I learned that I had syphilis once while they were stitching up my left eye one particularly late evening. One particular hospital I ended up in had a really great program where they tested everyone who came through their doors for diabetes, screened for heart disease, and even gave tips on a proper diet. It was great. For me, getting my ass beat regularly was the best way to ensure that I actually got the medical services I wouldn’t or couldn’t get otherwise. I think of all the screening and treatment for conditions I didn’t know I had as a fringe benefit of my abusive relationship. If I hadn’t gotten beat, I wouldn’t have accessed services and learned just how off the charts my cholesterol was. Thank you, abusive spouse. Me and my health are gonna miss you.

Link: KENYA: The fringe benefits of male circumcision rollout

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3 Responses to CRAZYTOWN: The fringe benefits of spousal abuse

  1. KOTFrank says:

    The CDC now says cervical cancer is not caused by HPV but by its constant inflammation in a weak/compromised body. Note; it is known that any long lasting inflammation anywhere is prone to go cancerous. It makes more sense for women to take charge of their, not their men’s, bodies by keeping it not run down. I’m not a fan of the HPV vaccine either. (longer) Sanger chairing International Planned Parenthood: No-Brainer Syndrome: the HPV Vaccine and Male Circumcision #i2

  2. Rational Jen says:

    Holy shit! Crazytown is right. Male circumcision to prevent cervical cancer in women? Of course, because giving women the vaccine that actually does work would be cost-prohibitive, whereas chopping off part of a man’s dick is just dandy. And it’s always ethical to perform surgery on someone for the potential benefit of a hypothetical third party.
    David, your analogy of the abusive spouse is spot on. If not for the circumcision, there’d be no way they could just treat the STIs and give away condoms. Not in Crazytown anyway.

  3. Joseph Lewis says:

    The people at IRIN are officially and hopelessly ON CRACK.

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