AIDSMAP: Controversial vaccine trial produces results

Aidsmap has two stories this morning on a vaccine trial using two types of vaccine that has produced a one-third reduction in HIV infection in a truly massive sample (over 16,000 participants). The study was conducted in Thailand and went forward against the advice of numerous scientists because one of the components of the trial produced a jump in infections in an earlier trial. Aidsmap outlines the controversy in An unpopular vaccine study produces surprising result.

Aidsmap also has a short write-up on the details of this first modestly effective vaccine trial in Vaccine reduces risk of HIV infection by one-third in large trial. The authors of the trial rightly call this an historic event in the course of HIV/AIDS.

UPDATE: Aidsmap has more reactions: Vaccine trial “is the beginning” of a new path of research, says US health chief.

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2 Responses to AIDSMAP: Controversial vaccine trial produces results

  1. KOTFrank says:

    This is great news. It really points out that male circumcision may soon be outdated and is surely not warranted for a lifetime. Much bigger hopes of course rest on the TWO newly discovered antigens that will be made into the holy grail of a broad spectrum vaccine that should be applicable around the world to all types of HIV.

  2. Joseph says:

    It’s all over the news!
    2009-09-24 News24 – Vaccine Cuts Risk by 31%
    2009-09-24 BBC – HIV Vaccine Cuts Infection
    2009-09-24 NYTimes – AIDS Vaccine Shows Success
    2009-09-24 Washington Post – AIDS Vaccine Yields Positive Results Post
    2009-09-24 – CNN Vaccine Reduces HIV Infection
    In that last CNN one it says:
    “He cautioned that a lot more research was necessary, because the vaccine did not prevent everyone from being infected.
    Fifty-one people in the vaccine group eventually contracted HIV, compared with 74 in the placebo group.”
    I wonder, is there a reason why it was important to emphasize this fact for THIS study, but NOT the circumcision study?
    Is it possibly because this is an actual study on an actual vaccine?

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